Riverside Halloween Tour Wins Best of Denver!

April 30, 2010 – 3:47 pm

The Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery are the proud recipients of a Best of Denver Award from Westword for “Best Halloween in a Cemetery – 2010”. Here’s what Westword had to say about our event:

Halloween Cemetery Tour and Spirits of Riverside Art Show

When the Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery wanted to raise money to help restore Denver’s oldest cemetery to its former splendor, they brought a host of historical city figures back to life on Halloween. Period-clad reenactors revived such characters as Sand Creek Massacre good guy Silas Soule, turn-of-the-century temperance worker and police matron Sadie Likens, African-American social climbers Barney and Julia Ford, brewer Philip Zang and many others as tour participants trekked through the burial ground; afterward, an FHRC-sponsored Spirits of Riverside art show reception at the Wynkoop Brewing Company featured Riverside RIP Ale and Riverside-inspired works by local artists.

Truth be told, we weren’t doing the tour to raise money (it was a free tour, after all), but we did manage to raise awareness. Thanks again to everyone who made it such a memorable event, including all our volunteers, the actors, and the more than 600 people who attended.

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