Riverside in the Denver Post on August 26

August 30, 2008 – 1:35 pm

Tom McGhee of the Denver Post wrote an article called “Some cemeteries dig green burials” that was published on August 26th. In it, he discusses some of the options for finding additional income to support the operations of Riverside (and other cemeteries), including green burial.

McGhee focuses primarily on the green burial option, but also touches on other initiatives that could help improve the environment and finances at Riverside, including xeriscaping and including parts of Riverside in the Platte River Greenway, which is currently moving their focus to the River North part of the city.

All of these initiatives are going to take time, money, and effort; hopefully we’ll see some movement on all of these in the near future.

Post photographer Andy Cross took this photo of the cemetery, including the Baker Horse in the background among other monuments.

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