Riverside in the Rocky Mountain News, February 7, 2009

February 8, 2009 – 1:57 pm

Julie Hutchinson wrote a terrific feature article on Riverside and the goals of the Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery (FHRC) in the Rocky Mountain News on February 7, 2009. She does a great job of summarizing the history of the cemetery, and putting it into a contemporary context.

FHRC board members Sandy Marvin, Annette Stott, and Hugh Graham were all interviewed and quoted in the article, as was historian Stephen Leonard, chair of the history department at Metropolitan State College of Denver. Leonard is quotes as follows:

It is a shame that with all the millions spent on historic preservation in Colorado that it does not appear that anyone is interested in honoring the resting places of many of our great pioneers

The FHRC is committed to finding a sustainable long-term solution to restoring and maintaining Riverside. The truth is, however, that any solution will require a unique and unprecedented collaboration between governmental, community, and preservation groups, and the efforts of many, many individuals who share our concern.

The response from the article have been phenomenal; in one day we’ve had over 60 people join our email list. We encourage you to get involved as we move this process forward. Join our email list for updates on our efforts, become a member or volunteer, contact your local politicians, and generally just spread the word.

Many thanks to Julie for her terrific article, and to everyone who has offered their support. With your continued support, 2009 may be the year we turn the corner on preserving Riverside!

Angel at Riverside, Photo by Linda McConnell for the RMN

Angel at Riverside, Photo by Linda McConnell for the RMN

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