Why save Riverside Cemetery?

Riverside was founded in 1876 as one of the first park-like cemeteries in the Rocky Mountain West. The cemetery is an incredibly valuable resource from a cultural, historical, and artistic perspective, and is a significant open space providing wildlife habitat along the Platte River on the north side the Denver.

Our Welcome to Riverside page offers a good overview of the history, threat, and opportunity Riverside offers the community. In October of 2009, Riverside was given landslide designation as a “Shaper of the American Landscape” by The Cultural Landscape Foundation. Landslide designation is intended to “focus attention on culturally significant landscapes at risk for alteration or destruction.”

Where is Riverside Cemetery?

Riverside Cemetery is located at 5201 Brighton Boulevard, two miles north of downtown Denver on the border of Denver and Adams Counties. A Google map and more information is available on our Visit Riverside page.

Who owns Riverside Cemetery?

Riverside has been owned by Fairmount Cemetery Company since 1900, and all operations were merged in 1920.

Who are the Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery?

The Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery (FHRC), founded in 2007, is the only non-profit organization dedicated solely to advocating for increased awareness and preservation of Denver’s oldest operating cemetery. We are a Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in good standing with the Secretary of States office, and operate with full transparency.

FHRC members and volunteers include a wide spectrum of community members who care about Riverside and want to help find a long-term, sustainable solution to the continued decline of the cemetery. Our board members, who are elected by members at our annual meeting, include artists, historians, and family members of those interred at Riverside; all of us are involved because we believe in the value of Riverside and hope to see it preserved for future generations of Coloradans. Find out more on our about us page.

The Friends support the efforts of the Fairmount Cemetery Company to maintain Riverside in a professional and respectful manner.

What is the relationship between Fairmount Cemetery
Company, Fairmount Heritage Foundation, and the Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery (FHRC)?

Fairmount Cemetery Company has been the owner of Riverside since 1900, and all operations were merged in 1920. The Fairmount Heritage Foundation was founded in 2000, and the Friends of Historic Riverside was founded in 2007.

It’s important to note that Fairmount Cemetery Company, the owner of Riverside, is not the same as the Fairmount Heritage Foundation. According to its website, the mission of the Fairmount Heritage Foundation is “To preserve the rich, diverse historical and horticultural assets of Fairmount and Riverside cemeteries; educating the community as fellow guardians to pass on those resources to future generations.” For more information on the Fairmount Heritage Foundation, its board of directors, and operations, visit their website.

FHRC works to build awareness of the plight of Riverside Cemetery as well as encourage knowledge and community involvement in its wealth of history, art, and environment.

Riverside Cemetery needs all the friends it can get, and we encourage all individuals and organizations to work together to bring awareness and preservation to this under-appreciated gem.